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Hello! Welcome to my website. 

My name is Alex Townsend and I am a 23 year old tennis enthusiast who has an interest in spirituality, exercise, nutrition, reading, yoga, meditation, existentialism, and self improvement. Here you will find all sorts of tennis resources that include products, advice(mine and others), links to pages, books, recommendations and a progression guide of my making.

My Experience With Tennis. 

Tennis & I share somewhat of a love story. I picked up the game when I was 9 years old on whim with a family member. From there I fell in love with the game and have been steadily playing since then. Thats a total of 14 years! Of these 14 years I learned a vast amount of my tennis knowledge through online sources, (YouTube, Personal Websites). I figured giving back is natural.

I admire tennis so much because I liken it to chess. It is mostly played in the mind, as well as an equal oppotunity to play an external opponent. Because of this physical-mental challenge there is much to explore. Tennis has a complexity that in my opinion no other sport has. 

Along the way I have played competitively for my high school and college teams for a total of 7 years. From 2004 onward I have followed professional tennis religiously and deeply enriched my understanding of the game from then on. I have worked as a  professional coach for about 6 months and I aim to bring my expertise from coaching to my website.

The game has evolved since I have started playing. Mostly now it is about athleticism and a strong baseline game which I will talk about more as the site gets started. 

The Modern Day Tennis player needs to know how to: Serve, move laterally, hit a Forehand, hit a Backhand, hit Volleys, and keep a good head on their shoulders.

I Have A Lot To Give.

As I have said, my profession for the past six months has been the coaching of students. I am not PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) or USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association) certified yet, however my goal is complete this certification and share my complete and total knowledge of the ins and outs of the game of tennis here. Think of it like this, I am coaching you from the comfort of my home.

Tennis Is A Lovely Game

What really inspires me is to pass down my knowledge onto those looking for answers. My answers include product reviews and placement, an advice post, commentary on the professional game and strategy for the novice player.

While browsing the website feel free to introduce yourself to me and ask away any questions you have about tennis or life in general!

Tennis starts with love,


Founder of Lovely Tennis

2 thoughts on “About Alex”

  1. Nice to meet you! I didn’t have much opportunity to play tennis growing up. But the few times I was exposed to it I found it pretty fun. I wish it was more widely available like baseball, soccer, and basketball.

    1. Thanks Nicole. In countries like America the opportunities for tennis arent as prevalent as other sports but it still is a good market and sport which is very fun!

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