Where To Find Cheap, Inexpensive Tennis Shoes.

When shopping for tennis shoes, one must consider all the options. However, there may not always be a shoe that can meet all the tennis players needs while not hurting the wallet.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re just stepping on to the court for the first time, choosing a tennis shoe is an essential part of the game.  Because of this, I have compiled a list of cheap tennis shoes and where to find them. I have rated them on a scale from 1 to 5, looking at popularityfoot support, and comfort. I will also evaluate each shoe based on court surface type.

Tip #1 

Stick to Strictly Tennis Shoes on the court. When you use running, training shoes or any other shoe on the tennis court, they aren’t specifically designed for lateral movement which most tennis shoes are. Because of this, it is extremely beneficial to get a long-lasting, durable shoe.

Tip #2

When Shopping for tennis shoes its also extremely important to remember that there are three common types of court surfaces being grass, hard, and clay. With each of these surfaces comes a different shoe type.

Tip #3

Most of the shoes discussed in this post are Value Tennis Shoes. What this simply means is that they incorporate both the technology of an explosive, lightweight shoe and highly supportive, durable shoes. These technologies cater to both and are simply priced lower because of value and older technologies. They will do fine for a beginner or casual player and may even work for serious and intermediate to advanced players. I myself have often used these shoes and loved them!

Pronated vs Supinated and Ideal Feet

Taken from Midwestsports.com information section, a tennis player can have either pronated or supinated feet.

– Pronated feet simply means that you will notice excessive shoe wear on the inside area near the balls of the feet. Most of this wear is due to the motion of the side to side movement of the feet. Because of this, you will need to have serious lateral support to protect your ankles and feet. Over 60% of the population have pronated feet.

– Supinated feet simply means that you will be using mostly your heel for movement and support. The outward portion of the foot makes initial contact with the ground and the foot/ankle rolls. Supination puts a lot of pressure on the smaller muscles and the toes of the foot.

– Ideal if this is your foot, you’re in luck! Your weight is distributed evenly and your foot isn’t putting any strain on your toes or heel. Unfortunately, your shoes will still wear out, but they will be evenly distributed :).

Nike Shoes

For Men:

Nike Air Zoom Resistance Tennis Shoe

View This Shoe!

– Price $80.00 – $100.00

– Mostly 3-5 Star Reviews on Tennis Express

– Zoom Air Products are mostly good for shock absorption and responsiveness.

– Court Surface: Hard

– Discounted Price compared to regular cost

What is so good about these shoes is that they are inexpensive for Nike and yet contain the frame and model of the more expensive line shoes. The zoom airframe promotes shock absorption which is what tennis players need.

For Women:

Women’s Court Air Zoom Zero Shoe

View This Shoe!

– Price $84.50- $100.00

– Mostly 5-star reviews

– Discounted Price Compared to Regular Price

– Court Surface: Hard

You’ll find that the technology of the soles in this shoe is cutting edge. Taken from the website, the zoom zero shoe creates contours that are designed to make explosive movements more efficient and added cushioning during heel strikes which are designed to help tennis players especially. You’ll find that the extra padding of the heel makes for an even more comfortable performance.

Adidas Shoes

For Men:

Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe

View This Shoe!

– Great! Price $69.95 – $80.00

– Only 5 Star Reviews

– Most Durable Shoe on the Market

The Technology contained in this shoe is the same as Nikes, but different in a sense. Adiwear makes for an extremely useful and functional sole to “grip in all directions”. Another great perk for specifically Adidas shoes is the extended warranty. Adidas recognized that tennis players go through many shoes, so it has a guarantee that if you use a pair out in the first sixth months, you can get a new pair free!

For Women:

Women’s Barricade Classic Bounce Tennis Shoe

View This Shoe!

– Amazing! Price $44.95-74.95

– Mixed Reviews

– Rated by Tennis Express as a “Top 6 Clay Court Tennis Shoe”

– True “Bounce” will happen.

Like stated above, Adidas shoes are profoundly durable and steady, they contain only the best Adituff technology so they will hardly ever wear down. Because of this, this shoe is great for Pronation and Supination of the foot. Named as such, these shoes really bounce and make sure that your feet are light and easy to move with.

New Balance Shoes

For Men:

Men’s 786v2 D Width Tennis Shoe

View This Shoe!

-Price $67.95 – $74.95

-Mostly 5 Star Reviews

Superior Shock and Durability come with this Shoe. Great Supportive Fit around the toes and the cushioning and flexibility.

For Women:

View This Shoe!

Women’s 696v3 B Width Tennis Shoe

– Price $39.95 – $59.95

– Mostly 5 Star Reviews

The sole is enhanced with durability in high wear areas of the shoe and increase traction in the herringbone pattern.

What’s The Best Shoe Overall?

Although many of these shoes are great, there really is no one “best shoe”. From personal experience, I enjoy Nike shoes from time to time but I realize that some Adidas shoes I owned for years have still got their form and hardly any wear and tear. I would recommend buying one brand at a time and chose what makes the most sense to you. There are many pros and cons to each of the shoes and brands I reviewed. But according to cost these shoes are top of the line and will give you the most value!

Thank You!

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  1. This is a great website you giving me knowledge about tennis shoes that I did not know anything about thank you for your information because now I can shop for the right pair of shoes that is going to work with my feet.

    1. Thanks Shane, these products are very popular and my opinions are biased towards them…but fortunately these are quality shoes which you can get great use out of!

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